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Jennifer is a trained mediator, who focuses her practice in the areas of health law and cases with medical-legal issues and damages. Her mediation services are provided through Med-ADR.


Telehealth, or providing healthcare services via technology where the provider and patients are located in different places, is fantastic and makes care more accessible. But did you know, if the patient is located in a state different from where the physician is located, unless the physician holds a license in that state or has statutory permission to provide telehealth services to patients in that state, the physician could be deemed to be practicing medicine without a license? Even if the physician has a license or authorization to provide services to an out of state patient, does their malpractice coverage cover the practice of medicine in that state? What about HIPAA and telehealth? Does Medicare cover telehealth? Telehealth is the future and patients will expect that option. Jennifer Terando can assure your practice is ready to incorporate virtua​l appointments in compliance with California law and state and federal regulations. Jennifer focuses on the legal details, so her clients can focus on the practice of medicine.

Healthcare Employment Contract Review:

Typical contracts include details regarding: compensation, scope of duties, benefits, malpractice coverage, termination, non-compete clauses, alternative dispute resolution and many other legal contract terms, which define the future employment, as well as, how things will be handled should the employment terminate or if the practice is sold or dissolved. As a physician, you should understand all of the terms you're accepting by signing the contract. Special consideration must also be given to what happens following the termination of your employment: will you be covered for malpractice cases filed after you leave? Will you need to purchase a tail? Will you be bound by a non-compete? 

    In addition to being thoughtful and detail oriented, Jennifer has also stood in your shoes as a healthcare provider. She will conduct a thorough review of your employment contract, discuss all of the terms of the contract with you, including recommended modifications. If indicated, Jennifer is available to negotiate any recommended modification of terms. She negotiates in a manner that sets the tone for a respectful and collaborative relationship with your future employer.


Do the HIPAA/HITECH privacy and security laws apply to you and your practice? What state privacy laws apply? Who is required to enter into a business associate agreement? Jennifer guides healthcare providers and entities on what constitutes protected health information (PHI) and regarding what obligations inure to them—especially in the instance of a breach. Jennifer drafts policies and procedures, business associate agreements and assists with designation of a privacy officer, designed to withstand the scrutiny of any HHS investigation. Should a complaint be made, Jennifer can assist with the evaluation and defense. 


Personal Injury/Medical-Legal Consulting/

Contract Attorney Services

Jennifer is frequently brought on cases by other attorneys to work up the cases medical-legal issues. She thoroughly enjoys digging into a case and fleshing out the medical-legal details. Jennifer assists with all aspects of litigation from pre-trial case review through trial, including damages work-up, drafting of damages briefs, motions, depositions and trial preparation. She also prepares key witnesses for deposition and trial. Her skills have been utilized in catastrophic injury cases, medical malpractice, aviation, product liability, and testamentary capacity litigation. 

Jennifer also directly represents injury victims. Please visit our contact page to set up a free consultation.


Please contact us at intake@jjthealthlaw 

to schedule a time to discuss your legal needs. 

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