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Links to informative articles written by Jennifer 

Mediation Articles: 

Online Dispute Resolution: The Time is Now, (appearing in the May 2020 issue of Valley Lawyer Magazine)

Listening is Hard! My Top Five Listening Hacks for Improved Listening in 2020.

Shhh! A Few Tips on Becoming an Empathic Listener

Articles Related to Health Law and Physician Issues: 

Odds Are Your Physician Contract Will Terminate: Considering the Critical Tail Insurance Provision By Jennifer Johnston Terando, R.N., Esq.

Tips to Compete with the Physician Non-Compete:

What Does The Emergency Coronavirus Act Mean For Physicians Who Want To See Medicare Patients Via Telehealth? Jennifer Johnston Terando, R.N., Esq.

What does a Nurse-Attorney Consultant Do?

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